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  1. Nick: eZZ Contact ID: fb : Wassimby STEAM ID: 1859658464 Age: 18 The first 7 digits of the CNP: ClassNew???? CS experience (time): 8 years when start play cs Admin experience (time): 5 hrs per day Admin of (night / day): day Hours played on sv (link to your hours): https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/official.newlegion.ro:27015/top_players/?query=eZZ How do you get along with the forum? : by @kmL and server classlegion Reason you want to admin on OFFICIAL.NEWLEGION.RO: i can help server + protect it + manage it Describe yourself in 5 words: Well im patiened person , i am friendly with each other and i hate lier people Can you donate 1 EURO once a month (Yes or No (We do not accept another answer)): no i cant problems but maybe i can think about that Keywords are: official.newlegion.rotop1
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